Read Me A Story...

It Begins...

"Is the plane meant to tip this much?"

It's a good question. You haven't been on a plane for several years, and you find yourself struggling to remember. Last time, you recollect, you'd had substantially more sleep during the flight and substantially fewer crayons lost in and around your chair. Coming on holiday with your best friend Flora had seemed like a great idea when she'd suggested it, and you'd jumped at the chance. You didn't really stop and consider the fact that these days she had two pre-school children.

However, as it had been neither Jeremy or Michella pestering you with the question about the angle at which your plane was coming in to land, and especially as the question didn't begin with the word "why," you feel that you should probably respond.

"Oh, yeah, it's fine. I've done this loads of times. I thought the same thing at first... but this is coMPLETELy normal."

You're not a big fan of raising your voice most of the time, but when it's a choice between raising your voice or not getting the end of your sentence out because of several tyres screeching as they hit a runway, it's an easy decision.

Flora and her offspring are no less excitable during the 20 minute transfer from the airport to your hotel on peaceful, tropical Summer Island. At times the bus lurches and veers so much you feel as though you're back in the air. And along some of the island's less-well-kept streets, you'd have been right. You half expect Flora to return to asking whether the angles at which your vehicle is tipping are safe and this time you don't think you could reassure her with the same look of conviction.

By the time you arrive at the hotel, you're exhausted, and you're in two minds as to whether you should make the most of the remaining few hours of the day and head to the beach with the three others or whether to make the most of the hotel room you've been allocated.

You decide to get some shut-eye in the hotel for a few hours.

The Cubert Badbone Theme Room

You desert Flora and the kids and head over to your room. Strangely enough, you discover that Flora booked the Cubert Badbone theme room, meaning that everything, including the TV, is black and white.

"Oh well," you mutter to yourself. "It could be worse. We could have gotten the Out of Order theme room, after all." (Although the Out of Order room is in colour, everything in the room is, you guessed it, out of order.)

You then drop your bags on the floor and climb up on the Baked Potato-shaped bed, closing your eyes.

You decide to begin a silly-yet-scary dream sequence.

The Dream

You fall asleep quickly. Seems you were exhausted from the trip.
Once asleep, you start to dream of weird, unsignificant things, like flying tomatoes that rule the world, vegetables hanging in a room, booting up DOS on a Linux computer... and more wackiness that happens in 'Trevor and the Haunted Tomato'.

After a long sleep you wake up again, and you wonder what it all meant. Then you look at the clock - Hey, it's twelve o'clock! You must have been REALLY exhausted.

You look for Flora and the kids, but you can't find them. You head down to the reception room to ask the receptionist if she'd seen them, but you get a 'no' answer. Strange... They wouldn't just go out and have fun without you...

You decide to look for Flora and the kiddo's.

Stupid Lame Ending

And then you explode. The end.

You decide to kill Sunrise for making you explode.

The sunrise

The sun rises and you shoot it as soon as it comes up, knowing it won't make a good contribution to the story.

Now you decide to go look for Flora. Where should you start off though?

Nobody's written what happens next. How about another random story?