Get Your Kit On

The SLUDGE development kit has been through a few incarnations now... and this is the most recent. It goes by the name of version 1.7 and it was born on December 30th 2006. It's the first version of the development kit which you don't need to register in order to use it all.

If you're looking for more source code to play around with, there are a few examples included with the development kit, and more in Hungry Software's useful sites section.

More SLUDGE Related Grababables

Do you want to make a SLUDGE game playable in multiple languages? Has someone dropped off $500,000 in a briefcase outside your home in return for you converting their precious game into some other tongue? You'll need this useful little number. Now with added searchy goodness!

Here you go then... one more file to download, should you want it. It's a syntax highlighting file for the wonderful EditPlus text editor. Yes, that means all the different words go different pretty colours, that's right.