Familiar Adventuring Queries

1: When will the development kit be ready? Er, it is. You can grab it from here.

2: Do I have to pay to use the development kit? Yeah, that's all about to change. Watch this space.

3: How much does it cost to register the development kit? Yeah, that's all about to change. Watch this space.

4: Does it support...? OK, the list of features was getting tooooooooo big for this page, so it's been moved to its own. You can now read about SLUDGE's many current (and forthcoming) features here.

5: Why a scripting language? Why not a GUI based system? In a word, flexibility. In several words...

6: Why not 24-bit colour? Simply because SLUDGE was developed in 16-bit colour mode, so it stuck. Maybe, if there's enough call for it, 24-bit colour will be available as an option later... but increasing the size of data files so much for the sake of smoother gradients seems like too high a price to pay for the moment.

7: Will I have to pay to use the engine? Nope. The engine is free. You can even give it away with your game.

8: What SLUDGE games are available? And how many others are in development? In-house, there's just the one finished SLUDGE adventure game, going by the name of Out Of Order. However, plenty of people from around the planet are developing their own games, and you can check out the list here if you're so inclined. You may hear about, or even get to see, others if you check out the SLUDGE forums.

9: I'm working on or have finished a game using SLUDGE - are you interested? Of course, and I'm sure a lot of other people will be too! I'd suggest mentioning it on the list of SLUDGE games and the forums.

10: What are these nasty rumours of having to pay to use the FMOD sound library? Please, please note that this is no longer a problem! Yes, for a while this was a little nasty. SLUDGE used to use a sound library called FMOD and their license says you're free to use their sound code (and, therefore, engines that use their sound code, such as SLUDGE) provided your product is going to be given away for free. However, if you wanted to make money from your game, their policy was to charge you $100 for the privilege. And that's if you're a hobbyist. If you wanted to make a commercial product with SLUDGE (and therefore FMOD) it was $2000. Of course, one of the reasons I used FMOD in SLUDGE originally was that the engine was going to be free, and if anyone sold a game they'd in essence be selling their data file and shipping a complimentary copy of my free engine with it. The engine, after all, would be no different to the file that I'm giving away for free and who in their right mind would try selling something that you can get free on the internet elsewhere? Well, Firelight - the FMOD people - decided that that isn't the case, and if you provide the freely available SLUDGE engine with your game, that's equivalent to you having written an engine using FMOD yourself. Hmmm. Anyway, the newest version of SLUDGE doesn't have this problem, as it's using a different audio library called BASS, which is written by people who seem much nicer. So, where do we stand? To be honest, wherever we want. Yippee! Once again for clarity... you still can't give away copies of the engine which use FMOD if you're selling your SLUDGE game; that's still bad. But you can give include a copy of the v1.5 engine (which uses BASS).