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Finished games

The Game That Takes Place on a Cruise Ship added Mar 20 2006 by Squinky, modified Mar 20 2006
A game that takes place on a cruise ship. Duh.

Frasse and the Peas of Kejick added Jan 19 2006 by Trumgottist, modified Feb 4 2006
A humourous game featuring Frasse, a cute blue monster.

Nathan's Second Chance added Nov 17 2005 by The other Tim, modified Nov 17 2005
What do you expect when you die? Shining light? Booming voice? Rotting slowly in the ground? You probably don't expect to be greeted by an eccentric crone in a flying yellow bus, but then, neither does Nathan. Follow one man's journey as he travels across New Zealand, space and his scungy living room, and learn why you can't keep a good man dead.

Kats added Jan 17 2004 by Sarah, modified Mar 28 2004
Image, more info
The game tells the story of how a group of cats, which are dumped separately in the same forest, come together and survive in the wild by helping each other. I have created this game as part of my final year dissertation for my computing degree. The game can be downloaded if you click the more info link above and then go to the progress page. Marked as broken 4235 days ago.

The Interview added Feb 11 2004 by Squinky
This is also in the "source code" section, but I thought I'd put it here as well. It's a demo of a game that is tentatively named "The Game that Takes Place on a Cruise Ship".

Mandy Christmas Adventure added Dec 24 2003 by Rudo, modified Dec 31 2003
Short Christmas game about Santa's assistant Mandy. You can download it from our site

Out Of Order added Mar 14 2002 by Tim the Furnish, modified Dec 29 2003
Hungry Software's own offering... and it's now available in its entirity for your downloading pleasure! You can also grab yourself some Out Of Order wallpaper, or discuss the game on the forum - as well as sifting through screenshots and character profiles a-plenty.

Cubert Badbone, P.I. added Aug 4 2002 by Squinky Snugglecakes, modified Feb 4 2003
A cheesy, low-budget adventure game. In fact, the first-ever SLUDGE game to release a full version. And now it even speaks Italian and Swedish!

Unfinished games (but with playable demos)

OTTO Experiment added Nov 2 2002 by Nexus, modified Jan 23 2003
The last Adventure game by Nexus Entertainment (but the first with SLUDGE!). Otto is the result of a wrong experiment. An anthropomorphous clone of a sheep. Closed in a room of the laboratory, abandoned after the nth failure, Otto will try to return to his sheepfold. But to run away from the "Biolab Engeneering Industries" won't be so easy... Download the demo, and have a good ENTERTAINMENT! (Available in English, Italiano, Bulgarian and Espaņol) Marked as broken 3813 days ago.

Other forthcoming games

ElectroEarth: Highway To Space added Sep 3 2010 by Jackorama16, modified Sep 4 2010
Image, more info
A universe far, far away from earth and two 9 year-old kids happen to be stuck. But they have magic powers. Help them fight their way to home.

Nim Game added Jul 19 2008 by AsTeR
An ancient game of reflexion, you just have to pick up the laast stick in order to win... It seems easy. No ? So try to beat the computer.

Michael Halfwing added Feb 13 2006 by Kejero, modified Feb 13 2006
Mellifer Hive is a great place to live and work for a worker bee. Yet Michael seriously considers a career change. Why, Michael, why?

Walking world added Oct 16 2005 by dariusc, modified Oct 27 2005
The game is not finish but it is a game that you can go all over the world and 3d or 2d. Marked as broken 3813 days ago.

Bad Timing added Apr 29 2002 by Erwin Broekhuis, modified Sep 25 2005
What's the worst thing that could happen to you when your parents are away on a two-day trip leaving you home alone for the weekend? Find out yourself in 'Bad Timing'.

Day Of The Aliens added Oct 1 2003 by James, modified May 22 2005
Image, more info
A cartoony point and click adventure game, currently in development. In the game, your bother who you are meant to be babysitting wonders outside, and gets abducted by aliens. You must rescue him!

Deal With The Devil added Oct 7 2002 by Boozy
An adventure game unlike any other! Marked as broken 2435 days ago.

Mad 4 It Entertainment added Mar 14 2004 by Short Stuff (Mad 4 It Entertainment)
"The home of the amateur adventure" - Future games include "The Adventures of Kid Rock" (series) and an unnamed fantasy-adventure. Marked as broken 4065 days ago.

Elenora added Dec 4 2003 by Random Troll (c)1975 - 2004
Yet another unfinished game! But the first one from the Random Trolls. Set in Victorian London.

Red Prugoff, Professoinal Assistant in: The Journey to Save Melvis added Feb 5 2003 by Roastalodian Productions, modified Nov 19 2003
I will keep the link here for unknown purposes, but Red Prugoff has been canceled. We are currently working on both creating a new RPG-style sludge game and registering. Thank you for your support. -Roastelodeon Productions. Marked as broken 4065 days ago.

Ngongo-B Electric Entertainment added Sep 22 2002 by Fedor
Ngongo-B wants to publish games of independent developers. Visit our site to find out more.

dotCOM added Jul 12 2002 by Jared
The Dow has topped 10,000. Keanu knows Kung-Fu. And you work for a company that actually stopped working for a week so that everyone could wait in line for a certain prequel. Yes, it's the Golden Age of the Dot Com. A modern adventure spanning nearly 4 years as you attempt to reclaim the glory of...dotCOM. Marked as broken 4318 days ago.

Curse Of Bad Music added Mar 14 2002 by Dr._Snark, modified Mar 19 2002
a New Point and Click Adventure. New Screenshots added.

Estar Guars added Mar 18 2002 by HellRaiseR
A parody of the Star Wars film. Marked as broken 4561 days ago.

The Quest for Pants! added Mar 14 2002 by Jeff Paige
The Quest for Pants! The cartoony adventure where you become a little fat kid on a quest to rescue your friend by finding his pants! Well, it will be as soon as it's done. Swing on by and check out the progress! Marked as broken 4318 days ago.

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